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Moisturize your labia and vagina with vitamin E oil to combat dryness and soothe irritation. There is nothing sexual about it, purely for cleansing purposes. A year-old may have been trying to make his farts less stinky when he inserted the aerosol can up his anus. There's a new trend which involves women cleaning their vagina with the aid of a cucumber. The patient was also suffering with a 4cm collection of fluid and gas, according to a case study in Radiopaedia. It feels like almost every week a new trend emerges which sees women putting random items in their vaginas.

You see, as the surgeon explains, your rectum can create a vacuuming effect, essentially sucking and holding things up there — which is what had happened to the 20cm butt plug that another patient recently got stuck.

Surgeon reveals the weird things people put up their butts

The doctor explained that while she feels women 'have more compelling health interests right now', she had been asked by so many people about Gwyneth's 'vaginal rocks' that she felt obliged to share her thoughts on the matter. Then there was the flashlight. Why you should skip the liquid calories. The galls are said to tighten and clean the vagina, and make for a better sexual experience. This model cleared her acne in just one week. It's then twisted around for 20 minutes. There is absolutely no reason to put it inside the vagina.

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