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Kelly Rohrbach showed why she was picked for the new Baywatch movie. For sheer quantity of drama generated per square inch, nobody starts shit like Jeffree. I decided to tally up the destruction and declare a winner. Kat went ahead and released a rainbow of lip linersexpanded her liquid lipstick linedropped blotting powderscollaborated with Too Faced on one of Sephora's bestselling palette s of all time, released the AlchemistPastel Gothand Glimmer palettesand re-released her two fragrances. Y'know — Serena, Hank, Billy Dee, and the like.

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Among the tunes she sang were "Shake it Off" and "Out of the Woods," the latter of which is embedded below, only because you're probably not sick of that one yet:.

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No good pussy shots or anything but we do get a nice look at her ass. The terms people most often search for in conjunction with Kat's name are "lipstick," "palette," and "foundation" — Jeffree has "cosmetics," "Kat Von D," and "Kylie Jenner. So I turned to Google Trends to look at how interest in these two personalities — and brands — has changed over time. It's modest, yes, but don't pretend you wouldn't have been charmed up to your eyeballs like dude in the photo below:. She doesn't regularly make videos or give interviews. Our story began the way all great tragedies do:

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