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Feel free to set your own pace. If you really want to make sure you're alone, you could always ask him out on a solo date. After you kiss, cuddle with your significant other. If the first try doesn't go so well, laugh it off. Tips Don't forget to breathe! If you do it right, he won't be able to stop thinking about you; if you do it too much, though, he'll get annoyed.

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Surprisingly, however, they find it super hot when you take control over the pace of the kiss.

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I want to kiss my boyfriend for the first time, but he's always with his friends. Find a romantic moment. You don't have to French kiss to have a great smooch, but it can kick the romance up a notch. Move your tongue into his mouth in light, darting movements. Ending the kiss before it gets boring is the best way to leave off. If you're not ready, don't feel pressured into kissing him, sometimes guys take a while to get into the mood of kissing, and that's fine! Just make sure to not open it too much -- you don't want to slobber all over him!

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naked girl and boy kissing on lips
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naked girl and boy kissing on lips
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