Azian shower in hostel rool teens

I love hostels and have stayed in hundreds of them around the world. As the time was going by, the hostels were getting worse and worse. Hahah I thought I was clever with the laundry room one… we were super quiet, so I was really shocked when everyone was making lewd comments about it later that night. Facebook Pinterest Google Twitter Reddit. Nevertheless, there are few stories which still make me cringe when I recall them. If I experienced them, other travellers must have experienced them as well, I thought. Trip down memory lane —!

I am sure you have many many things to speak about….

The WORST hostel experiences

Only three hours from our home, we thought it safe to start in Bundaberg. In the very rare case, you can also switch on the light in the middle of the night. Your phone has a light for a reason — use it! The longer you wait, the harder it is. Be courteous hostel guests! Read this funny story and have a laugh!

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