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She grasped the handle and would have loved to walk the pram but until she could retain some hip mobility she found it impossible to walk without her crutches to lift her plastered feet off the ground. She felt her breasts, cupping them gently, feeling her firm nipples and the goosebumps starting to develop on her smooth skin. Her bed was wheeled through the corridors intact, her leg still suspended. Her weak legs hung limply as the technicians turned her feet to point outwards as far as they could, then a bar was plastered between each ankle holding her legs wide apart. Our next hospital appointment came round and we were first on the list.

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Now was not the time to try to decide which.

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As Kate became more expert she had a way of showing how big her cast was, and would rap her knuckles down her plastered body over her hips and as far as she could reach along her thighs She found the sight of her fingers moving under the fabric strangely erotic, and the restricting feel of the cast alarmingly arousing, as she pleasured herself gently. A little encouragement perhaps The broken legs below her knees were still swollen as the bones worked to knit. Wow, I'm envious that you get to keep your cast on for a week or more! Placing the crutches a few inches in front of her, she gingerly took her first steps towards the door. It was tight across her chest and I was a little frustrated that I could not massage her lovely tits.

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cast fetish splints
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cast fetish splints
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