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However, a crack about her and Hungry Hungry Hippos causes Pam to slam the door in Archer's face, strongly indicating her refusal to help. There are 86 images of Malory Archer on this Wiki, visit the Malory Archer gallery to view all the images and screenshots. She is politically conservative, proudly elitist, and casually but inconsistently racist in the episode The Limited she calls a black conductor Georgewhich turned out to be his real name, which she didn't know before. She was shown to quickly abandon her son for the sake of a lover or lavishing affection on her beloved dog, Duchess, right in front of Sterling, caring little for his feelings. The enduring liaison of ebullient, disaster-prone chancer and cool, unblemished academic has had people guessing for years. It's supposed to say "TCB".

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Why the hell do you need urinal cakes.

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Mary Archer: 'There are worse things in life than adultery’

So I gained the weight back! But I am fitter now than before. Jeezy Petes, this drawer squeaks exactly like the old one did! Um, I was actually looking at your pubic hair. Did reality set in? Shortly afterwards, Archer rips one of his slightly darker black turtlenecks on a duffel bag. What is the glue, other than the many millions Lord Archer has made by writing bestsellers, that makes the marriage stick?

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