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The decision to retain Durkin was met with disapproval from figures ranging from the governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, to the father of former Maryland offensive lineman Jordan McNair, who died following an offseason workout during the spring. Projections improve for Democrats with less than a week to go. A mixed bag of polls shows how hard it will be for Dems to retake Senate. In case anyone was wondering, Republicans are crushing Democrats by 20 points in early voting in that Assembly district DennisHof was running in. After that thought, you feel and hear something buzzing somewhere underneath your covers. Getting use to his design tweaks mostly.

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After helping Saudi Arabia create a humanitarian crisis, the U.

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Projections improve for Democrats with less than a week to go. You could try and tweetstorm your way out of it, orin the words of my AP English teacher: A Republican will be appointed. Trump is trying to create a phony sense of immediate crisis in order to persuade his supporters to turn out to vote, and mobilizing the resources of the government to that political end. Remember Me Forgot Password? It takes a few seconds to find but when you do, it was your phone vibrating because of a text from the most annoying man in the world…. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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